Omega Plan


This plan is specifically designed for American missionaries serving overseas for more than one year, this comprehensive plan includes security, mental health, and wellness benefits while staying cost-effective. 


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Designed for the Modern Missionary

Our insurance plans include expert services for your long-term physical, mental & financial wellbeing. We believe you should be able to thrive in the field for as long as you need to be there and have the resources to effectively carry out your calling.

Learn more about the specific benefits included in this carefully crafted insurance plan in the table below, or download the brochure for the complete plan details. 

Plan Benefits

Benefit Cover
Annual maximum limit per insured person $1,000,000
(no lifetime limit)

Excess/Deductible options are based on claims Inside/Outside of the USA.
They include:
Deductible- $2900/$500, $5000/$200, $5,000/$2500,           

Emergency medical evacuation $1,000,000
(no lifetime limit)
Video/Telemedicine Available globally. Free 24/7 Unlimited Use 
Pandemic cover
Terrorism cover


More plan benefits and information available in the Plan Brochure!

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